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Introducing Small Group Academic Coaching Sessions!

1-3 sessions a week – Maximum 6 students per session – Games and engaging discussion!

Students learn key concepts to improve grades, mindset, and motivation principles – all via Zoom

Only $29.67 per session!

Mindfully Tutoring

Academic Excellence Welcome to Mindfully Tutoring, a learning enrichment program which offers academic support in reading, writing, and mathematics. Is your child performing below his or her grade level in school? Does he or she need homework coaching? Or maybe your child just needs to be challenged? We can help.

Personal Achievement Children learn at their own unique style and pace. Our personalized student support coaches children to be confident, self-learners in the classroom and beyond.

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Why Mindfully Tutoring? At Mindfully Tutoring, we offer caring and attentive service. Current members also enjoy the benefits of:

  • Convenient in-home lessons
  • Flexible time and scheduling choices
  • A convenient payment program
  • No long-term contracts

Students can experience the benefits of:

  • Improved confidence and performance in school
  • Strong comprehension skills
  • Developed problem solving abilities
  • Individual attention from an experienced educator

More than Academics  Our unique approach to student support reaches far beyond academic proficiency by taking the entire student into consideration. We believe that all students, regardless of academic ability, can benefit from self improvement and character development to be the very best version of themselves! 

In addition to receiving homework and classwork support, students will work with their tutor to track their own academic progress. They will also have the opportunity to learn key strategies and study habits to improve their grades while developing important mindset shifts. 

This can lead to increased confidence and set the stage for success in the classroom and in beyond!

Reading and Special Needs Scholarships

Mindfully Tutoring has proudly partnered with Step Up for Kids, a state funded program which provides scholarships and tuition reimbursement for lessons. Scholarships are available for students with special needs or who have scored below grade level on the FSA. Certain qualifications apply.

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