Where does tutoring take place?

Lessons can take place in the privacy of your home or in a nearby, public place such as a coffee shop or library.

How do I schedule lessons?

Give us a call at 813.435.9796 or submit your information on the homepage of this website. You will then be sent a small information packet to your email which contains our rates and other additional information. Once you’ve completed the packet and selected your lessons, send the forms back. When your forms are received, your schedule will be confirmed with a teacher.

How do I pay for sessions?

Lessons are billed automatically in the form of one convenient, monthly payment. You will always be sent a copy of all charges prior to any payments being made. You will never be billed for lessons you don’t need.

How many sessions should I start with?

The number of lessons depends on the needs of your child. You can always adjust the number of lessons as you see fit for each month.

What if I need to make changes to my lesson schedule?

You may make changes to your schedule. If your child will have a planned absence (such as a vacation, appointment etc.) please contact us by the appropriate time listed in your information packet. Canceled lessons can be rescheduled if timely notice if given.

What if we have to cancel a lesson at the last minute?

Your tutor will still be compensated for time and travel for last minute cancellations. Tutors are not obligated to make up lessons which have been canceled without the appropriate notice. However, you are welcome to coordinate a reschedule date if your tutor is available and is willing.