For Parents
You are here because your child’s education is a priority. Helping them to discover the potential you know they have while nurturing their love for learning is important to you. We are here to help.
As your child’s “main” teacher, the following are some ways you can help support learning at home:

  • Take advantage of life’s “teachable” moments. Don’t just save learning for
    school hours! Use everyday opportunities to engage your child in learning, such as counting money together at the grocery store or discussing units of measure while making dinner.
  • Establish a Routine. Your child will take learning as seriously as you do. Setting
    a designated time for completing homework with a work area which is clear of distractions will help improve their concentration.
  • Encourage daily reading. Whether it’s continuing another chapter from a book
    after dinner or reading together just before bed, daily reading will help spur children’s imagination.
  • Encourage curiosity. Teach your child to be inquisitive about the world and how
    things work. Encourage them to ask questions such as “Why does that happen?” and “How does this work?” or, “How would things change if…”
  • Celebrate Victories. Both big and small. We all need a pat on the back!
    Remember to encourage your child when they succeed or when they miss the mark. Knowing you’re right along next to them cheering them on at every step will set the stage for a genuine love of learning.